Ulex Europaeus
March 21, Spring Equinox

Second Vowel of the Ogham Alphabet - Onn onn


Planet: Mercury, The Sun

 Element: Fire

Color: Yellow and Gold

Bird: Cormorant, Harrier Hawk

Stone: Topaz

Deity: Lugh, Celtic God of light and genius

Folk Names: Broom, Frey, Furze, Gorst, Goss, Prickly Broom, Ruffett, Whin 


Medicinal properties: There is a Bach Flower Remedy that is given to the hopeless, those who feel they are beyond help, or suffer a serious illness. "Greenman Essence of Gorse" helps ease frustration, restlessness, and jealousy, and helps promote emotional security and a feeling of deep inner joy.


Magickal properties: Herb of Love, Protection against evil. Restoration of Faith. Hope and Optimism. Gathering of Strength. It also attracts gold so it is used in money spells.

"When Gorse is in bloom, kissing is in season." 

(There is always a Gorse in bloom somewhere, so there is always time for kissing.)


Gorse carries the sun through every season.



The Great Goddess



She personifies the Sun, and she calls the greenery to reach for her light. Her solar beauty and gentle energy nudges us towards harmonious relationships. 

To honor Amaterasu, wear gold items and open your curtains to let the sun shine in. Hold a hand mirror up and reflect her glorious light into every corner of your home. In an eastern window put a mirror facing outward to turn away any negative influences. 

(adapted from Patricia Telesco's 365 Goddess)


Gorse Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

The Song of The Gorse Fairies

"When gorse is out of blossom,"
(Its prickles bare of gold)
"Then kissing's out of fashion,"
Said country-folk of old.
Now Gorse is in its glory
In May when skies are blue,
But when time is over,
Whatever shall we do?

O dreary would the world be,
With everyone grown cold -
Forlorn as prickly bushes
Without their fairy gold!
But this will never happen:
At every time of year
You'll find one bit of blossom -
A kiss from someone dear!

Cicely Mary Barker


Carve the name "Gorse" into a gold or yellow candle. Face east, light the candle, and meditate on the light. Ask for protection, money, love, whatever it has to offer that you desire. 



Growing up on the farm...



In early spring, farmers start "furze fires" to burn off the old woody stems,
so that  new growth will be available for the livestock to graze.


Gorse is great to grow as a wind breaker, or a fence.


It makes a great clothes line to dry freshly cleaned laundry,
even when the winds are high the spines will keep it in place.



LESSON OF THE GORSE - from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford


The flowering of the Gorse provides a splash of color and inspiration, even on the darkest days, reminding us to remain positive and focused whatever life throws at us. Gorse brings hope to the disillusioned and brightens those who are despondent. Gorse thickets are spiny and may seem impenetrable but find a way to deal with them, and they can provide food and shelter for the mind and body, and fragrance to soothe the senses. They gorse carries the sun through every season and it teaches the importance of constancy, hope, and faith in times of disappointment. We need to take stock and retore faith in ourselves and in our dreams from time to time. Gorse promises that effort will be rewarded when we honor our achievements. For the Celts, gorse was symbolic of optimism and good faith.


Pray Peace

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