Cytisus Scoparius

Physician's Strength

12th month of Celtic Tree calendar, October 28 - November 24
12th letter of the Ogham alphabet - Ngetal




Planet: The Moon


Element: Water


Symbolism: Royalty, cleansing, healing, psychic protection, astral travel


Stone: Opal


Color: Blue


Bird: Geese, kingfisher


Deity: Mercury, Morpheus, Bacchus 


Sabbat: Samhain


Folk Names: Scotch Broom


Medicinal properties: All parts of the broom have medicinal value. Traditionally it was used to treat ailments that resulted from excessive revelry. The green tips of the flowering branches were used as a mild diuretic. A concoction made from the young branches or seeds can cause vomiting. The sparteine found in Broom is now used for heart and circulatory disorders. Other preparations from Broom can help with gout, sciatica, joint pain, malaria, fever, kidney stones. Oil from the stems can relieve toothache and clear the skin of parasites. Ashes of broom were used to treat dropsy.

The main medicinal ingredient in Broom is sparteine. When consumed in large doses it can cause excitability and hallucinations.  This has been speculated as the reason Broom is associated with witches flying around on brooms. 


Magickal properties: Broom is used in spells for purification and protection. It was rumored to be helpful with poltergeists. Throw Broom in the air to raise the winds. And burn Broom, burying the ashes, to calm the winds. The strong smell of Broom can tame wild horses and dogs. 


Entering the time of dormancy...



Then, the earth began to bellow, trees to dance

And howling dogs in glimmering light advance

Ere Hecate came.

- Aeneid, Book VL (Dryden)



Broom produces vanilla-scented flowers from late spring to early summer.

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Banishing and releasing spell:


Bundle a handful of  twigs to create a small ritual hand broom. Write the name of what you want to release or banish from your life on a piece of paper and burn it.  When the ashes are cool scatter them on the floor around your altar. Take the broom and sweep the ashes from the center out to the edge of your circle. Gather the ashes and then scatter them to the wind.  (You can also sweep the floor as you burn the ashes, and then take a few pieces of your broom, burn them in your cauldron, and scatter them to the wind after they cool .)

Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes



LESSON OF THE BROOM - from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford


"Broom reminds us of the importance of caring for our own personal well-being on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Falling at the end of the Celtic year, the month of broom is a time for taking stock, for making a clean sweep, for ridding yourself of unnecessary baggage and harmful habits. In short, broom is symbolic of all the benefits of cleaning up your act. Broom also advises you to pay attention to your dreams."



The Great Goddess


Hecate is a Triple Goddess who helps travelers transition to their destinations, especially when they need to cross beyond familiar boundaries. Her territories include any place that would symbolize a meeting of the worlds, like the beach where the water meets the shore, the forest line where the meadow meets the tree line, dusk or dawn where day changes to night or night to day.

Leave your offerings to Hecate at the crossroads, thresholds, or gateways at Samhain.



Growing up on the farm...


Before hops, Broom was added to flavor and enhance the intoxicating effects of Beer.


A traditional rhyme from Sussex says: "Sweep the house with blossed broom in May / sweep the head of the household away." 



Pray Peace



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