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Mother of Wisdom, Learning & Music.

NAMES: Sarasvati `Flowing WaterŽ, also Sarawati, Yang can-ma (Tibetan), Vak Devi, (Goddess of Speech), Brahmi (First Female Principle), Sha-tarupa (Hundred Formed), Savitri (Life-giver)

'Inventor of all the arts and sciences, patron of all intellectual endeavors, Sarasvati is the very prototype of the female artist. 

She invented writing so that the songs she inspired could be recorded; she created music so the elegance of her being could be praised. 

In her identity as Vach, goddess of speech, she causes all words to come into being, including all religious writings.' (Monaghan)

Lotus, Veena or vina an indian stringed instrument, book, peacock, white swan (or goose) the colors white & yellow.


A beautiful woman wearing either yellow or white with white skin. She has a gentle expression and four hands which represent the four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego in which she holds a veena, a book, a lotus & prayer beads. Sometimes she is shown holding a drum or a pen or making a sign of blessing with one of her hands. She sits on ether a peacock or a white swan or goose. 

Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Day, celebrated every year on the 5th day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Magha. 

It is believed to be her birthday.

In one version of the Vedic creation myth Sarasvati was the first being created after Brahma, some say his female half, 

others that she flowed out of him as the first river. 

Shortly after she came into being she danced shyly around Brahma so that Brahma brought about the first lust. 

So great was his lust that as she danced around him he grew another face at each of the directions 

so that he would not have to turn his head to see her, and when she floated over him he grew a fifth face on the top of his head. 

Each of the four faces began to speak poetry directed at the Goddess. Because of this she invented writing so that these words could be preserved, and thus was Sanskrit born so that she could write down the four Vedas. 

After this they retired into seclusion for 147,688,000 years (100 divine years) during which they created everything that exists. 

There are other myths in which she has different and sometimes less auspicious origins, 

and among the Buddhists she is a human, a bodhisattva, but still a human.



Songs in honor of Sarasvati

May she bring me fortune. May she bring me luck.
May she bring me protection as she answers my prayers.
-Indian Rig Veda




I sing a magnificent song, for she is a magnificent Goddess.
It is Sarasvati whom I praise with hymns and songs.

Fullness, beauty, richness, bounty: that is the Goddess.
Fullness, beauty, richness, bounty: may she give to us.

May Sarasvati send us good luck, for she has luck to spare.
May she be our protector, for she has much to give.

May we enjoy Sarasvati's breast, which swell and swell.
May we gain food from her, and healthy children.
-Indian Rig Veda




In their hearts, your worshipers see you
as three-eyed, wearing the crescent moon,
white as the moon in autumn.

You are the perfume of nature,
holding in your hands a jar of nectar.
You are all art, all poetry,

holding in your hands a book
as you make the gesture
that describes all learning.

-Indian Tantrasara




Hail to the Goddess of Song, the one who feeds the singer,
on milk and melted butter and the purest water.
Hail to Saravati, she who gives us treasure.
She of the marvelous gifts, she of the best luck, 
she of the greatest wealth, we hail her.
-author unkown


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Sanskrit Mantra:
Yaa Kundendu tushaara haaradhavalaa, Yaa shubhravastraavritha | Yaa veenavara dandamanditakara, Yaa shwetha padmaasana |

| Yaa brahmaachyutha shankara prabhritibhir Devaisadaa Vanditha | Saa Maam Paatu Saraswatee Bhagavatee Nihshesha jaadyaapahaa |

English Translation:
"May Goddess Saraswati, who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, and whose pure white garland is like frosty dew drops; who is adorned in radiant white attire, on whose beautiful arm rests the veena, and whose throne is a white lotus; who is surrounded and respected by the Gods, protect me. May you fully remove my lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance."



Rituals to Honor Sarasvati

Through out India there are many temples dedicated to Sarasvati. Students will visit these temples to ask for her help with their studies. Also most libraries to this day will have altar dedicated to her.

To help with your studies try these rituals from Patricia Telesco's 365 Goddess:

Try Anoint you tools or book with lotus oil.

To generate Sarasvati's assistance in matter of communication, place white flower petals in any moving water source, saying,

Sarasvati, let my words bear gentle beauty and truth,
Falling lightly on others' ears, even as these petals to the water.
Let the water carry your wish away.

Create an Altar to Honor Sarasvati
-Use a white altar cloth.
-Use four yellow candles to represent the four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego.
-Place a white lotus on your altar (can't find a real one try making one out of paper or tissue).
-Store your books, tools, or prayer beads on this altar. Whenever you use these items light the candles and thank Sarasvati.



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