The Great Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann

By StormPhoenix
Initiate, Sisters in The Goddess Tree

Used with permission from Suzan Vaughn


Danu Means “the Flowing One”. She is shrouded in mystery, she is very popular but little is known of her.  We do know she was considered the most ancient of all the Celtic deities.  She is the great mother of the gods, of Ireland and the divine creator who birthed all things into being. She is also an earth goddess. She is connected to the Fairy Hills and has associations with Dolmens also known as a portal tomb, or portal graves.  She is the Mother of The Tuatha De Danann, the Irish Gods, which literally means the Children of Danu. All the Danann can trace their Lineage back to her.

The Goddess Danu is also popular through out Europe.
She was known as Anu and the Morrighan because of the similarities in their correspondences. In Co. Kerry Ireland, there is a place called Da Chich Anu, (the Paps of Anu). Though her name is close to Danu, Anu is a totally different Goddess.  In the Rig Veda, the earliest of the four Hindu Scriptures, Danu is mention as the Goddess of the seas according to Michelle Skye’s book “Goddess Alive!”  Danu also gave her name to the Danube River which runs through Europe. She can also be traced to the Walsh Goddess Don. Danu is recorded as showing Herself in the guise of The Morrighan according to the  book called, "The Guises of the Morrighan" - written by Sorita D'Este and her husband David Rankine.

“Danu births inspiration and wisdom into the world through the crystal clear waters of the Well of Segais.  She brings Triads of Gods into the world she wields Earth magic to protect her children and water magic to transform them into enlightened beings. Danu is every where, she is in every living thing, and like a good mother, she stands firm, giving of her love and support she allows us our mistakes and never forces decisions or actions. Yet when we are in our greatest need, she comes to us and offers comfort.  She brings bounty and fertility, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. She is the goddess of the land and of the waters of life. May her abundant presence be felt for all time.”
Michelle Skye, “Goddess Alive!” p.122

Names in different cultures:
Danu (Hindu, Ireland)
Danu, Danand, Dana, Ana, Anu (Irish)
Don (Wales) 
Danuvius (Roman)
Duna (Hungarian)
Donau (German)
Correspondences: Blessings, creating, earth goddess, foretelling, a great Goddess, great mother, health, luck, magic, Moon goddess, prosperity, Goddess of the Sorceress, success water of all bodies, wisdom.
Colors:  Blue, White Sliver, green
Elements:  Water and earth
Seasons:  Imbolc and Lammas also known as Lughnasadh.
Tarot: the Empress
Aspects Mother, she is the light mother of the cycle of the maiden mother Crone.
Animals Mares, snakes, fish like the salmon. Seagulls,
Divination: water Scrying 
Essences: Her scent is Amber any other "water" scents as rivers and all flowing waters - including the sea - are her domain
Trees: Rowan tree, the Apple tree, the Hawthorne tree 
Stones: River stones, any stones that have a natural hole in it as it is the way to fae. Holy stones amber, gold
Symbols: rivers, sea, flowing water, air, wind, earth, moon, keys and crowns. And a cauldron of water
Regions:  Ireland and India, most of Europe
Attributes:  New beginnings, Chaos, Cosmos, Creation, Creativity, Fertility, Manifestations, oceans, and all other bodies of water, Transformation.

Used with permission from Suzan Vaughn

Seeking the Goddess Danu in times of need

StormPhoenix Danu Altar
Original Altar by StormPhoenix

Ritual purpose:  Meeting the Goddess Danu and gaining wisdom
Items needed:  A blue altar cloth (to represent her flowing waters)
A glass bowl full of water
River stones enough to circle the bowl
Four white candles
Journal and pen

Before ritual: Take a nice long bath if you can add a touch of Amber oil to the water.
Perform a self blessing.
Dress in clean cloths and create your alter to Danu. Using the items above

Ritual body:  Cast Circle by visualizing a white light of protection in your sacred space. Ground and center Sit quietly in your space, and breathe deeply.  Try to imagine a shinning Goddess, Tall and proud with ivory skin and blue green eyes.  She wears a flowing robe of watery blue silk and sliver.  She wears a silver of spirals on her head, and holds a great sliver Basin from which all waters of life flows.
With each deep breath you take, you begin to see a swirl of mist forming a trail.  Start to Walk towards it.  There is a cave in front of you, go through it. You walk down a long winding stairway. On the other side there is a beautiful tall waterfall with its crystal clear water shining in the moon light. As you walk towards it, you see the river split in to a fork. There is a nice mossy ground between the two streams it invites you to sit and enjoy the sounds of the water flowing.  As you sit down you see a great deal of fish in the stream. The stream is so clear and you are thirsty.  You hear a voice “Drink my child.”  Do what you are asked. Once you drink your fill, think about the goddess.  If you wish to meet her now, raise your arms up high:
“Lady Danu! Mother of the gods and of the Tuatha De Danann, Great lady of the flowing waters, Spirit of the rivers, mistress of the fertile lands, Giver of Abundant harvest. Join me here, I ask you to be here.
Watch as the mist begins to swirl around you.  When the mist clears you see a beautiful woman in front of you.  She smiles. Say hello.  Give her a gift.  Sit for a while a listen. What does the Goddess Danu have to tell you?  Stay as long as you like in this magical place.  She sits with you and wants to hear your woes, your questions.  Listen for her answers. She is a loving mother. 
Chant or sing to her. Sway like you are being rocked by the sea.  Let your heart and soul be cleansed by her healing waters.
It is time to say good bye to the Goddess.  Thank her. Walk back through the mist.  Find yourself back in your sacred space you as still safe and sound in your space. 
Ground yourself open your circle and go in peace knowing you can visit the great mother anytime you need her.

Chant/Song to use
The river is flowing,
Flowing and growing,
The river is flowing,
Down to the sea.
Mother earth carry me,
Your child I have always been,
Mother earth carry me,
Down to the sea.
Author unknown

A Prayer to the Mother Danu
By: StormPheonix

Oh great mother, Listen to the woes of your Daughter.  I need your Guidance and your Wisdom.  Shine your blessed light down on me and guide my path. Walk with me as I learn your mysteries. Help me if I stumble and I will be strong.  Bless the ones I love, my family, my friends, and my sisters.  As I honor you, bless them with your love and light sweet mother. Help me let go of fear and the pain of my past, to move forward with your truth, guide and bless my Spirit which I dedicate to you with all my heart. Thank you mother Danu, Blessed Be

Used with permission from Suzan Vaughn

Danu's Dance

Warm and moist beneath the hill
Voices and laughter are soft and shrill
Glints of light and shadows long move
& merrying the long night thru
Danu's children in morning emerge anew
Slumber and waking each in their time
Music and laughter interlace and combine
Earnest crafts folk of diminutive size
Dance with creativity before the eyes
And tumbling out the treasures come
The land is quiet and still above
No hint of the secrets within the hill
Honey flows and mead is good
This place between, below & above
The magic is and always was
Words are treasures polished bright
Poems by day and rhythms by night
Interlaces adorn each glowing page
Painted in berry juice, pollen & gall
Words slide into being for one and all
Words of Danu, Druids and Sages
Thoughts and truths for the coming ages
Never a care or woe is penned here
The land above is sleepwalking near 
Beneath the hill each word is dear
Warm and moist beneath the hill
Voices and laughter are seldom still
Glints of light and flashes of fire glow
Open secrets all the wee folks know
Danu's children are spun of light
~ Abby Willowroot © 2008
      With permission from Abby Willowroot

My first Dream of the Goddess Danu
When I close my eyes, I see her.  Her wild long hair, blues eyes, staring at me…waiting.  She arches an eyebrow and her lips turn into a crooked grin.  She folds her marble white arms and taps her delicate barefoot on the soft green moss.  I was frozen in time, I could not move nor could I breathe.  Her smile fades and a soft frown replaces her simple grin.  She holds me in her eyes and with them, she asks me,” well…what are you waiting for?”  Her eyes flash and they turn gray like that of a sea before a storm.  All I can seem to do is take one step forward, hesitate and then take two back.  I want so desperately to follow her, embrace her and what I am…What am I waiting for? What am I afraid of?  She turns and looks at me again,” Yes, what are you afraid of?”  Her voice rings in my head. Then I see it, my voice my face, I see her more clearly now.  She is me.  How can I be afraid of myself?  This…inner me, what was it about me that holds me back?  I want…no NEED to trust myself, but why can’t I?  This is stupid I scream inside my head.  “Yes, it is.”  She answered back.  “Go on then, wake up, I will be here when you decide to come to me, I am always here as I have always been. Since the beginning of time I have been here, and you always come back to me.  You have for many lifetimes. Take your time.”  And she fades.  Time, I don’t feel like I have enough time.  But, I know I need her, and I know she needs me. 
How do I cross that great divide that stands between us? 

StormPheonix, July 1 2010

May Danu’s waters heal you and may the mother feed and shelter you.
Under the protection of the Goddess, go in peace.

StormPhoenix Danu Art
Original Artwork by StormPhoenix


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And a very special thank you to the sisters that listened and read my things and helped me along the way, there was so many to name all my Deepest Gratitude to them all

This page is the creative property of StormPhoenix
Initiate, Sisters in The Goddess Tree
November 2010

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